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Plastic Sleeve Wire Markers

  Catalog Number List Price
Per Hundred
Fits Wire O.D. Length of Sleeve
In Inches
Fits Motos Lead Wire Sizes
Min. Max. Loose Tight
1 AFS-3-* CALL 100 200 16 22 18
2 AFS-4-* CALL 140 250 20 20 12
3 AFS-5-* CALL 210 350 22 16 10
4 AFS-6-* CALL 320 480 22 10 4
 * Put the number you want printed on the band in this space. For instances AFS-3-6 is a white band for a size 20 lead wire with the number "6" printed on it. We stock the numbers 0 to 9. All are black markings printed on a white PVC flexible sleeve. Letters A through Z and other symbols are available on special orders at an increased price.  Colored sleeves are also available at a premium price. We have used these markers on our rewinds, and they stood the varnish and baking cycles satisfactory. As for a smaple to try on your own leads. They last better than adhesive number strips, and they are nonconducting.


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