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Jenkins Fan Selection Suggestions

TOLERANCES: Tolerances are ± 1/8” on all dimensions except bore which is ±0.001”. Our Machine Department meets the Calibration Systems Requirements in MIL-STD-45662A.

BORE: We recommend that you order your fan bore to the same micrometer measurement as the motor shaft journal. To install or remove the fan, warm it with a torch or in an oven, and slip it on the shaft. A “Maximum Allowed Bore” is shown for each blank bore fan. Larger bores may weaken the hub, particularly if a keyway is required.

DIAMETER: Overall Diameter (D) is most critical in determining air delivery over the motor. Be sure the fan you choose clears the bearing housing OD, and the fan cover ID. Use the table below as a reference for typical fan diameters for different motor types.

BLADES: Blade width (A) is important, but the number of blades is not significant.

MATERIAL: Aluminum (Al), Plastic (Pl), and Steel (St) fans are stocked. We will cast special aluminum, brass, and cast iron fans to order. We buy our plastic fans from the motor manufacturers, except for the 2-51 slip ring fan, which we manufacture.

FRAME: The frames shown are for 1200 and 1800 rpm motors, except those marked “TS” which are for 3600 rpm motors. Fans shown for “T” frames are safe for use with the same frame number in either “U” frames or old NEMA frames. They are also safe to use with older frames of higher number as long as the rated HP is the same or less than the horsepower of the “T” frame listed.

SPECIAL FANS: We have many fans and patterns in stock which are not illustrated or listed. The best method of identifi cation is to send in a sample, even if it is broken, for us to match. If we do not have a pattern, we can make a metal pattern or have a wooden pattern made for complex shapes. You are charged for our net cost in obtaining the pattern, but we retain the pattern for future use. Our pattern-making charge is $40.00/hour, Net, plus material costs.

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