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Modifications To Plate Type Rheostats
AC Variable Voltage Controls

  Modifications to Plate Type Rheostats (JE-2) Catalog Number List Price
8" Plates 13" Plates
1 Floor mounting support for dancer roll service, 6" and 8" plate No. 8 ---
2 Floor mounting suppor for dancer roll servuce, 13" plate --- NO. 13
3 Back of board mounting accessories (Kl-Kit-8" or 13") Kl-8 Kl-13
4 Graduated dial plate DIAL WL DIAL WL
5 Tandem mounting of 2 plates; 6, 8, or 13" 60-27B308 60-27B313
6 Tandem mounting of 3 plates 60-27C308 60-27C313
7 Tandem mounting of 4 plates 60-27D308 60-27D313
8 Tandem mounting of 5 plates 60-27E308 60-27E313
9 Limit switch mounted on outside of enclosing cover at either end of travel LIMIT SWITCH-1 LIMIT SWITCH-1
10 Limit switches mounted on outside of enclosing cover at both ends of travel LIMIT SWITCH-2 LIMIT SWITCH-2
11 Cast aluminum enclosure for limit switches and conduit fitting R-6 ---
12 Extension shaft for use in floor mounting support, 1/2" diameter (part) 8-T 13-T
13 Extension shaft as above, with keyway, 5/8" diameter (part) 8-Y58K 13-T58K
14 Add keyway in extension shaft KEYWAY KEYWAY
15 Add keyway and provide 5/8" diamter extension shaft 8-K58 13-K58
16 Heavy duty conduit fitting instead of standard fitting LTB-1B LTB-1B
17 Solder up sections of rheostat plate to reduce resistance SOLDER WL SOLDER WL
18 Add third terminal to two terminal rheostats for potentiometer connection 60-53 60-53
19 Provide front mounted stop and set maximum resistance/travel STOP STOP
20 Concentric knobs to control two plates groups KP KP
21 Coat with Dow 200 moisture resistance sealant 1A27 1A27
22 Space 8" plate to mount in 13" Assembly SPACE 8 ---
23 Jenkins Motor Drive Accessory MOTORDRIVE MOTORDRIVE
24 Sequence mechanism, for two 13" plate groups SEQUENCE SEQUENCE
25 Adaptors for replacement of 6, 9, & 12" GE Rheostats (Back-of Board) GE6X9 GE9X12
26 Adaptors for replacement of 9 & 12" GE Dancer Roll Rheostats GE9DR GE12DR

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